About the Program

About Ms. Giffin

Choir Director | Krista Giffin, kgiffin@mbusd.org.

Krista Giffin is the elementary Choir teacher for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. 

She is a piano, voice, and acting teacher with an MFA in Music Education.  She has extensive teaching experience, both privately and with public school students from all ages K-12 and adults as well.  While her main instruments are piano, voice, and ukulele, she has also taught band and strings for many years.

Mission Statement

The MBUSD Music Program offers comprehensive music education taught by certificated teachers to all students in elementary, middle and high school, including band, choir, orchestra, and general music education. It is the mission of the MBUSD Music Department to ensure that students:

  • Reach their fullest intellectual potential;
  • Have an outlet for artistic expression;
  • Realize a lifelong appreciation for music;
  • Experience an improved quality of life.

The K-12 music curriculum is demanding, comprehensive through the levels, and grounded in the values and philosophies of excellence that have been established by the National Standards for Music Education. Authentic assessments are used regularly to verify student learning and substantiate the curriculum’s value by gauging its ability to address the dynamic needs of the student population in Manhattan Beach. Through participation in music, students will build their sense of self awareness, acquire essential life skills and habits, as well as understand the importance of collaboration and community outreach. As students move beyond us, they will continue to enjoy and appreciate the aesthetic value of music by becoming lifelong learners in the field, and by contributing to the global community in an artistic and sensitive way.