Honor Choir

Honor Choir is an audition based, after school ensemble comprised of the most advanced choir students from each elementary school in the district. This performance-based ensemble provides students with the opportunity to take the vocal skills they have been practicing, both individually and in class, and apply them in a more focused group setting. In addition, it offers participants an extra set of challenges and motivation designed to lead to continued success at the next developmental levels. 

Any student currently participating in 4th or 5th grade choir class is welcome and encouraged to audition for the Honor Choir. An enthusiastic, hard working attitude is essential for any potential Honor Choir member. Students who are accepted must be willing and able to practice additional music that will be more advanced than the music they are receiving in their weekly music class, and attend rehearsal outside of the school day. Also of note is that, although the Honor Choir is comprised of mixed grade levels, the majority of Honor Choir students are in the 5th grade. As such, the instructional style and dynamics of the rehearsals are geared toward the maturity level of 5th graders.

Auditions take place around the November/December. The Honor Choir normally begins its weekly 2 hour practices in January.